Garrett Churchill designed and installed this patio in Bryn Mawr.

Time for a BBQ in Bryn Mawr!

On a recent patio project in Bryn Mawr, our clients wanted to stay true to their house by making sure the new patio blended with the existing structure. A built-in grill was another necessary component.

Bryn Mawr Patio Design

Working with those requirements, the experts at Garrett Churchill crafted a classic, timeless patio.

In the pictures, you’ll clearly notice the beautiful bluestone patio with mica schist sitting walls and an island for the grill.

The patio was raised to the point where, if desired, the screens can be removed from the existing porch and there is a 6 inch step down to the patio on all sides.

A natural gas line for the grill was installed prior to the concrete footings and wall stone. Stone was selected to match the existing stone in the house and the mortar for the pointing was dyed to match.

Behind The Scenes

Beneath this great Bryn Mawr patio, there’s lots more to discover. Most notably, an extensive drainage system prevents any water from downspouts running to the neighbor’s property. A combination of sturdy PVC pipe and high density polyethylene pipe forged a comprehensive solution. Multiple clean out ports allow for easy system service.

Looks like it’s just about time for a BBQ in Bryn Mawr. Thinking of a patio solution for your home? Contact Garrett Churchill today for an in-home estimate!

Additional Project Photos

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Andy Sykes

Andy Sykes is the owner of Garrett Churchill Inc. Connect with him on Google+.