Tulips courtesy of GardenHow

Tulips courtesy of GardenHow

Fall is for planting and that includes daffodils, tulips, crocus, sicilia and all other spring flowering bulbs.
I have a few favorite spring time plants:

  • Early Spring Flowering Perennials: Mentioned above!
  • Flowering Tree: Redbud (vibrant purple flowers)
  • Shrub: Witch Hazel (flowers before forsythia)

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Daffodils courtesy of allaboutmygarden.com

Since there is little we can do outside to accomplish that during the winter months, it is the time I enjoy least during the year.

I patiently wait for signs of spring like the witch hazel blooming and the bulbs coming up in the garden. Large drifts of color bring life to the garden in March and April.

If you only want a little pick-me-up, consider planting bulbs in a container by your door. If you are looking for a larger show, get the drill and bulb auger out soon and plant away. Bulb fertilizer mixed in with the backfill will go a long way to ensuring your bulbs come back.

Bulb planting by Abington HS Garden Club.

Bulb planting by Abington HS Garden Club.

Plant bulbs amongst perennials so as the bulb foliage withers, it can be covered up by the new growth from the perennials.

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