Horsham Paver InstallationDo you want to make a statement to your guests from the moment they walk up to your front porch?

Ditch the standard concrete for stunning stone pavers installed by Garrett Churchill!

Our team was called out to a home in Horsham, where a new homeowner loved everything about their property except for the entrance. Plain concrete walkways and an unimpressive front porch left the entrance to their home looking a bit lackluster.

We recommended one of our favorite materials: Devonstone pavers for the walkway, steps, and porch. To create a uniform look, we set the steps an porch on brick veneer. This gave the impression that the brand new installation had been built right along with the home.

The pavers wove their way across the front lawn, meeting the driveway at two separate places. Now visitors who park in the driveway will have easy access to the home’s front door.

Such a stunning new entrance needed to be seen both day and night! The homeowner asked Garrett Churchill to install uplighting throughout their landscape. They had heard of our incredible landscape lighting services, and inquired about our preferred supplier, Coastal Source. 

With its state-of-the-art cabling system, adjusting each lamp for its specific use was a breeze. We uplit three trees, the columns supporting the porch roof, the area directly above the porch, and the front facade of the house.

See more directly from the job site:

Take a quick flight with our drone:

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Horsham Paver Installation Photos
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Andy Sykes

Andy Sykes is the owner of Garrett Churchill Inc.