Wyndmoor Unique Walkway IdeasNot all paths must be straight and narrow. For this Wyndmoor home, Garrett Churchill had to come up with some pretty creative walkway ideas to make the stroll up to the front door as clear – and attractive – as possible.

Our work on this property began last fall. A long-time client of ours purchased a new property, which required a complete overhaul to bring up to working order. So far, we had installed a drainage system, backyard grading, a rear patio and steps, and sod for all of the lawn areas.

With those major projects finally complete, our client asked us to shift our attention to the front walkway. The major issue here was its design; the front door is on the side of the house, at the opposite corner from the driveway. Because of this, the walkway really needed to draw your attention and indicate, “This is the way to go.”

Since the front sidewalk was made of bluestone, we decided to stick with that material for the walkway. We were able to get our hands on 4′ x 3′ slabs of bluestone from a quarry in the mountains of Pennsylvania. The materials really are beautiful, and the cut was the perfect size for the design we had in mind.

The walkway was so long that we wanted to make sure two people could walk side by side along its length. We also wanted to make each turn attractive and easy to navigate, so we created what resembles miniature patios at each corner. This also helps to draw your gaze forward along the path, making it easier to make your way to the front door.

We constructed the “mini patio” landings with 2′ wide bluestone treads, and infilled with more bluestone from our collection. The entrance to the walkway itself was made of random rectangular pieces of bluestone.

The unique new look is an attractive addition to this ever-improving property. Our client has already asked us to start setting some time aside next fall for planting work. We can’t wait to come back and see our new walkway being put to good use (and to add some attractive new plants on either side of it.)

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Wyndmoor Walkway Photos


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Wyndmoor Unique Walkway Ideas

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Andy Sykes

Andy Sykes is the owner of Garrett Churchill Inc.