Outdoor Entertainment Area in RydalThis project took “working with the client” to a whole new level. Since the homeowner was an architect, she was able to work right alongside the Garrett Churchill team to create the outdoor entertainment area she had always wanted.

Originally, the patio plan called for built in concrete benches and planters. However, when we sat down with the client to review the specs and come up with a project quote, we discovered that the forming work along with the volume of concrete required to complete the task would send the project way over budget. 

Instead, we collaborated on a more organic form for the patio with planting areas for vine to grow over the pergola.

With the new design in place, we were able to get started with the site work. The space was excavated, footings and conduits were installed for lighting and outdoor speakers, and the concrete patio was poured. We worked with a concrete contractor to install a very distinct style of patio, walkway, and steps with a rock salt finish.

After the concrete is poured, rock salt is floated into the wet patio and allowed to dry on the surface of the material. Once the concrete has cured, it is acid washed to remove the salt, revealing a unique texture and mottled color.

After the patio was complete, we moved on to the landscape. The landscape was graded, and grass steps were added which led down to a fire pit area.

We then completed our soil prep by tilling in compost and fertilizer to provide a good foundation for the new plantings. We transplanted existing shrubs to save the client even more money by avoiding the need to purchase new plants. New installations included a palette of deer-resistant shrubs and perennials, along with several trees. The new landscape design will provide color throughout the seasons.

The outdoor entertainment area was finished with a gorgeous pergola, strung with lights. This space is the perfect area to spend summer days – and nights!

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Rydal Outdoor Entertainment Area Photos
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Andy Sykes

Andy Sykes is the owner of Garrett Churchill Inc. Connect with him on Google+.