There’s nothing quite like having a beautiful outdoor patio to spendAbington patio redesign your summer days and nights. Garrett Churchill completed a patio design project on this Abington home, creating a dreamy outdoor space perfect for hosting family and friends. 

Our clients live in a vintage home, so to keep the integrity of older materials, we went with a natural clay brick for the paving surface.

An issue we addressed was creating a safe entry to the back door. The concrete path had seen better days and the steps had settled – not to mention the step into the house was over 9 inches!

We began by excavating the brick patio area 9 inches below the final patio height. We went with our typical installation process for pavers and brick by compacting the soil, installing geotextile fabric and then a stone base, which was later compacted. The final touch was adding the brick on the concrete sand. 

The brick was laid in a 90-degree herringbone pattern. It’s both beautifully classic and economically sound – we eliminated waste by using full and half bricks. The patio was bordered with a soldier course; a creative addition to the area.  

After finishing up the patio, it was time to remove the concrete walkway and steps that posed a hazard. We opted for installing stepping stones for the walkway, just in case the rest of the walkway would be replaced at some point.

We excavated and installed a compacted stone base, over which we placed bluestone treads. They’re a customer favorite and the steps provide a safe entrance into the house.

The project was finished off with some groundcover to help hold the slope in place. Mulch was added to keep the mud down until the area is spruced up with decorative planting. 

The outdoor patio now looks beautiful and is ready to be all glammed up for the summer! 

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Abington Patio Design Photos
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Andy Sykes

Andy Sykes is the owner of Garrett Churchill Inc.