Glenside Patio InstallationWhat options do you have when you don’t have any available impervious surface left on your property, but you still need a place for the grill and dining table? That’s the situation our client in Glenside faced after putting on an addition to their home.

Regulations For A Reason

Township regulations regarding stormwater runoff have become more onerous over the years, but for good reason. It’s their obligation to make sure work done on one property doesn’t affect another property. Creating additional runoff from rain water without containing it on the property can result in water in neighbors’ basements and over-taxed storm drains.

So, while stormwater runoff regulations may seem irritating when it comes to doing work on your home, they’re there for a very good purpose.

A Perfect Solution For Every Project

Each property has its own unique issues, and Garrett Churchill comes up with different ways to address them specific to the project. Recently, a patio installation in Abington required the installation of two rain barrels to mitigate runoff.

Our first time using porous pave was at the Samuel A. Green house, a project which gained national recognition. We used this same approach at High School Park in Elkins Park, and at a shore house in Cape May

Porous pave is a combination of rock, rubber chips, and binder installed at a 1½” thickness over 4″ of crushed stone. Water runs right through it into the stone base, so there is no runoff. 

After analyzing the addition at this Glenside home and seeing the installed seepage bed (a large pit dug in the ground and filled with stone to store water from downspouts,) we decided that a porous pavement was the best way to go.

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The Glenside Patio Installation

For this project we utilized porous pave in brown. In order to make the transition between the addition and the patio, we had to install a step. The steps are cast concrete in brown to blend with the color of the patio. We set the steps on concrete lentils so we could float the porous pave under the step.

Our client now has a place for her dining table and grill, and we didn’t have to do any stormwater mitigation for the project, saving our client from having to dig another seepage bed and connect more downspouts to it.

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Glenside Patio Installation Photos
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Andy Sykes

Andy Sykes is the owner of Garrett Churchill Inc.