Hatboro Water Drainage SolutionsWhen it comes to keeping your landscape looking pristine, water is vital. However, as soon as that water begins to pool in your yard or threatens to make its way into your home, it suddenly becomes an unwanted menace.

Our client was faced with an area of ponding on the side of his property. The neighbor had built up a soil berm to prevent the natural flow of water from property to property, and now our client was trying to figure out the best way to deal with the issue on his end.

He called Garrett Churchill for advice, and we came up with a few options. First, we suggested grading the area out with a swale running from the backyard up to the front. Unfortunately, this would be disruptive to a lawn that was in pretty good shape.

Another option was to install a drain box and run a pipe out towards the street. However, the client was concerned about erosion issues, as well as water runoff onto the sidewalk in the wintertime leading to freezing.

Finally, we proposed a solution that would fix the original problem while also addressing the client’s additional concerns: a hybrid French drain/infiltration trench.

We dug down precisely 2 ½ feet and installed geotextile fabric to prevent the soil from filling the voids in the stone. We then put about 10 tons of stone in the trench, graded with a slight pitch.

Next, we installed a catch basin in the low point of the area where the water ponded. A perforated pipe was laid and covered with stone, and the fabric was wrapped over top. The last step was to backfill the area with 5-6″ soil.

Hatboro Water Drainage Solutions 2

With this new installation, water will enter the drain box and run through the pipe. As it flows through the pipe, it will run out of the perforation into the stone below. Once the stone fills up, the pipe will carry the water out to a pop-up fitting in the front lawn, allowing the water to escape.

Curious if this ingenious system actually works? Recent heavy rainstorms allowed for the homeowner to see the system in action. We’re proud to say that the installation works perfectly; no more water pooling in the yard!

Contact Garrett Churchill for help coming up with the perfect water drainage solution for your property.

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Andy Sykes

Andy Sykes is the owner of Garrett Churchill Inc.