Wyndmoor PlantingFollowing a landscape renovation project we began in Wyndmoor earlier this year, our team returned to install beautiful planting, rounding up the project with the perfect finishing touch!

During their consultation, the homeowners discussed the types of plants they were looking for. They wanted gorgeous foliage that would also give them front-yard privacy while masking the headlights of passing cars at night.

Our team arrived on a crisp fall day and got to work! We installed the new planting along the home’s sidewalk, complementing the gorgeous front door walkway we set up previously.

The Garrett Churchill team started by planting four green giant arborvitae, which were 12 to 14 feet during the time of installation. These plants are perfect for screening and privacy because they grow so quickly. Plus, you won’t have to worry about the deer getting to them since it is a deer resistant plant that we have yet to see the deer eat them.

To fill in between the arborvitae we planted a number of flowing shrubs. Five viburnum, clethra, and fothergilla will all add color to the landscape and provide additional screening. To screen off the patio space closer to the house we transplanted a few azaleas and installed three dragon lady holly. Dragon lady holly is a homeowner favorite! It maintains great shape with minimal pruning. Its dark blue-green leaves provide a stunning contrast to lighter green plants normally found around homes. Adding to its list of pro’s, this plant gets covered in berries during early winter, creating a beautiful display of bright reds!

The plants we installed add beautiful foliage around the home and give the homeowners the extra privacy they were seeking. The thicker and taller plants will also block the headlights of passing by cars once they’ve grown further.

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Wyndmoor Planting Photos 
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Andy Sykes

Andy Sykes is the owner of Garrett Churchill Inc.