I remember growing up and watching equipment running around my neighborhood as houses were being built around me. I used to sit on bulldozers and backhoes after the work was done for the day.

Today, as a business owner, I have had to focus on sales and running the business and leave the fun stuff to the team – although they do let me run a piece of equipment from time to time!

During a recent project, we had two very interested observers. Both boys would watch out the window for hours on end while the equipment was running. We couldn’t refuse their request to have a little fun of their own – with their parents’ permission and with the equipment shut off, of course.

I love working in the industry that has fascinated me since I was a boy. I hope this experience has inspired these young boys to follow their dreams and pursue a career that makes them happy, just like I did.

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Andy Sykes

Andy Sykes is the owner of Garrett Churchill Inc.