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Abington Landscape Design

With the Philadelphia city skyline to the south, Abington is no stranger to beautiful views. Who says that the gorgeous view needs to stop there!

With landscape design by Garrett Churchill, you won’t need to go any further than your front yard to enjoy the best view in town. Our expert team can transform your yard, garden, patio, or any other outdoor space into a relaxing oasis that can be enjoyed all year long!

Check out some of our most recent jobs completed around Abington, and see why more and more of your neighbors are relying on Garrett Churchill to give their yard the look it deserves.

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Honoring A Loved One With A Peaceful Garden

Abington Landscape Design - Hospital GardenAfter her husband passed away, an Abington resident called Garrett Churchill for help realizing her vision of the perfect memorial: a garden space at Abington Hospital.

She wanted to create a semi-private sitting area, where friends and family members visiting loved ones in the hospital could have a peaceful moment before or after their visit.

In addition to building a paver patio area, Garrett Churchill planted trees, shrubs, and perennials to add a bit of privacy. The soothing sounds of water flowing from the new boulder fountain help bring a sense of tranquility to all who come to enjoy the garden space.

This area is the perfect tribute to a loved one, and we hope that it brings a sense of peace to all who sit here.

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Fall Planting With The Abington High School Garden Club

Abington Landscape Design - Abington High School Garden ClubIn order to get vibrant, bountiful blooms in the Spring, you should plant your bulbs in the Fall!

Garrett Churchill partnered up with the Abington High School Garden Club to help spruce up the outdoor space around their school.

We taught them which types of shrubs, plants, and bulbs should be planted in the fall, and coached them on proper planting and care techniques.

The school looks great, and the students learned a lot. Plus, they were so excited to see their hard work pay off the following Spring when their bulbs began to blossom!

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