Water Features & Ponds

Water Adds The Perfect Element To A Landscape

The sound of water in a garden from a formal fountain, reflecting pool, or a natural pond and waterfall is truly relaxing.

Garrett Churchill designs, installs, and maintains beautiful water features across the Greater Philadelphia area.

Your Comprehensive Water Feature and/or Pond Project Includes:

  • On-site consultation.
  • Custom project design.
  • Design review and analysis.
  • All-inclusive installation.
  • Spotless cleanup.

Key Benefits of Water Features

Stress Relief

Imagine sitting on your patio or deck and listening to the tranquil sounds of a waterfall that can distract or eliminate the noise from surrounding neighbors and passing cars.

Having an outdoor water pond as part of your landscape is a great place to reduce stress and relax after a long day. Water fountains, streams, and other features have such beneficial stress-reducing properties that many doctors recognize their benefits around the house.


Water features provide a destination and/or focal point in your yard. After designing and installing, Garrett Churchill is often asked to return to install a sitting area around the feature to facilitate even more interaction.

Amazing Wildlife

Water features attract and create a haven for beautiful fish, dragonflies, frogs and birds – adding to wildlife propagation.

For years, pond owners have been adding beautiful fish (such as Koi and Goldfish) to their pond for the enjoyment and relaxation of observation.

In addition to fish, ponds and water gardens attract other creatures, providing a sanctuary for breeding. Frogs also gather at the pond as it provides a shelter as they reproduce in the spring and summer. Baby frogs and toads (known as tadpoles) are generally a desirable pond inhabitant for their algae-eating habits.

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