How We Are Responding to COVID-19

COVID Graphic

This is a tough time for many.  We are deemed an essential business, so we are still working.  We have had several team members elect to stay home due to health conditions of family they live with.  For our team and our clients to stay safe we currently have the following measures in place.

  1. We have hand washing stations on each truck.
  2. We have staggered start times to minimize crew interaction in the morning.
  3. Common spaces and trucks are cleaned on an ongoing basis.
  4. All team members have been issued a mask they are required to wear when working closely together.
  5. We have assigned one crew to one truck.
  6. We have limited crew size to two so the same two people work together daily.
  7. There is minimal use of shared equipment.
  8. Gloves are provided and required to be worn.
  9. All of our suppliers are practicing similar precautions.

We are still conducting sales calls practicing social distancing for those who want to meet in person.  For those that prefer not to meet in person we can share digital photos and plans.  We can discuss the project specifics via email and phone conversations.

Our business depends on our clients and our team so we are doing everything possible to ensure everyone’s safety.