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Landscape Lighting

Light Up Your Landscape With Garrett Churchill

With variety, quality, and versatility, low voltage lighting systems extend the enjoyment of your landscape well into the night 365 days a year.

Effective lighting systems by Garrett Churchill are designed to bring out the beauty of your home. We utilize the latest innovations available to create lighting systems that minimize maintenance and maximize your enjoyment. Solid material fixtures such a bronze, copper, and stainless steel blend with the architecture and landscape while providing life long service.

Garrett Churchill provides comprehensive landscape lighting services.

Key Benefits of Landscape Lighting

1Extend Your Time Outside!

When the sun is down, time outside can be limited. Landscape lighting allows much more flexibility to unwind outside on the patio or front porch on those late Summer nights.

Your Comprehensive Landscape Lighting Project Includes:
  • On-site consultation.
  • Custom project design.
  • Design review and analysis.
  • All-inclusive installation.
  • Spotless cleanup.

Learn more about our landscape design process.

2Safety and Security

Effective landscape lighting makes items like stairs and other elevation changes easier to see so you are less likely to trip and fall. Lighting also brightens dark areas that could be targeted by thieves as easy access points or hiding places. A brighter property is always less appealing than a dark one.

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3Energy & Cost Savings

LED lighting has come a long way in a short time. LEDs can effectively replace energy-hogging halogens and allow more fixtures on a current circuit without the need for an additional transformer. LED lamps also last longer than halogens, limiting the nuisance of bulb changes.

Landscape Lighting FAQ

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