Home's front custom lawn design with stone stairs and shrubs planted
Tree Planting service done Right

With Garrett Churchill

With years of experience across hundreds of projects, Garrett Churchill has the knowledge to select the best quality trees, shrubs, ground covers, perennials, vines, and annuals available for your project.

Our planting philosophy for our tree planting service equates the soil of your garden to the foundation of your home. Before planting, we prepare the soil accordingly for the plants that are to be installed. More often than not, we find the soil depleted of organic matter and nutrients. To address this issues, we add compost and organic fertilizer to allow new plants to thrive.

Your Comprehensive Planting Project Includes:

A home's backyard with a pool and a custom landscape garden

Key Benefits of Professional Planting


Well designed planting can enhance the features of a home, disguise air conditioning units and gas meters, screen out undesirable views, and provide color.


Well designed and maintained landscapes help filter out dust and pollutants from the air, reduce runoff, limit soil erosion, and reduce temperatures.


An effective, well thought-out design considers how plants and bed shapes can work together with existing structures. Understanding what plants can accentuate the architecture of your home and best utilize your property can pay dividends should it come time to sell the home.