What Is A Landscape Design?

A landscape design is the culmination of all the steps listed below in most cases. For smaller projects, the information required is less involved than a larger project, however, we can not design a landscape without following these steps. The design or plan is the blueprint for the installation process.

Getting To Know You

The process begins with a discussion between our clients and our designer. We want to meet you, review your vision, identify your needs, and plan a solution for your home or business. This is a very important step in the process to ensure the project is successful.

Your immediate goals as well as plans for the future are key elements in crafting the landscape’s design. We can also need to find solutions for existing problems that need to be addressed in the design process such as drainage, inadequate lighting, or poor soil conditions. 

We are not shy about asking questions …

Phase 1: Design

With the information garnered during our meeting, we begin the design process with your needs and desires driving the end result. We take extensive site measurements and pictures back to the office and begin to develop the plan for your site. We may make additional site visits to make sure we have achieved all of your goals. There is a fee for the design based on the complexity and size of the project.

The next step is for the designer to analyze the property and develop a base map. Depending on the project this may start with obtaining a plot plan. The house, existing vegetation, patios, driveways, and other site elements are measured and evaluated. Views both into and out of the property are considered. Digital photographs are taken to document existing site conditions.

Phase 2: Design Review

From the site analysis a base map is done that includes the existing site elements, including buildings, vegetation to remain, existing hardscape elements, etc. The designer then begins to develop the concept plan. The concept plan combines the information gathered during the needs analysis and blends that with the existing site elements. Our experienced designers begin to work through the various aspects of the project making sure that the final design comes together cohesively. After the concept plan is complete our designer meets with you to present the concept plan and solicit your feedback.

We meet for a second time to review the design. We discuss the overall concept, materials selected, plants chosen, and why we have selected this particular option. Your feedback during the review is critical in assuring that we have done our job and that you will be happy with the end result.

Phase 3: Proposal

A formal itemized proposal including pricing is then presented so you know exactly what each phase of the project will deliver and cost.

After the review of the concept plan revisions are made and a final plan is presented along with a proposal to complete the landscape project.

Phase 4: Installation

The installation process is scheduled once a signed contract is received.

Our staff begins locating and ordering materials for your project so there are no delays once we get started. If permits are required, they will need to be filed – we are happy to do that on your behalf. We notify Pennsylvania One Call to mark all public utility lines. From the time the first shovel goes in the ground until the last bit of debris is swept, Garrett Churchill is committed to the quality of the project and enhancing the value of your home or business.

Phase 5: Maintenance

After a project is complete, we love the opportunity to maintain what we installed. Having been through the design process with you, we know the project’s vision and know how to maintain it accordingly.

Phase 6: Relax and Enjoy!

We know how stressful and hectic life can be. Let Garrett Churchill streamline your efforts and help you relax or entertain in new space created just for you.