Glenside Landscape Design - Before

Those uneven beds and overgrown bushes had to go!

Even if you’ve invested in professional landscaping in the past, it’s always good to give your home an update every once in a while!

Take a look at this landscape design on a property in Glenside. The planting beds were uneven, and most of the plants had overtaken their space. Despite the efforts of the homeowner to keep the bushes by the house well-manicured, they had completely overtaken the walls of the home and had begun to block the windows.

The homeowners contacted Garrett Churchill and scheduled a time for our team to visit their home and come up with a design proposal. As we discussed the perfect plan for their landscape, the homeowners mentioned the desire to add a bit of uplighting to the property. Once those big bushes were removed from the front of the house, they wanted the gorgeous façade to be visible both day and night.

Glenside Landscape Design - Planting Plan

Our planting design plan includes the precise measurements and locations for each plant and uplighting installation.

Once the design plan was finalized, we got straight to work. We began the process by measuring the site, photographing all existing conditions, and taking an inventory of what could be salvaged and replanted. This is an excellent way to save our clients a bit of money; if there are beautiful plants that we can re-use, we always try to! In this case, our selection was limited to a handful of perennials and some liriope. Still, it was better than nothing!

The new design smoothed out some rather irregular bed lines and created more sweeping curves. We extended the planter areas on either side of the walkway and around the light post. This freed up extra space for planting beautiful perennials and adding some pops of color to the landscape.

Glenside Landscape Design - After

The larger planter beds allowed for more plants to be installed, which will add a stunning variety of color and texture all year long.

Next, it was time to work on the foundation beds. We introduced some more colorful perennials in this space, which will bring periodic color throughout the growing season. Quite a few evergreen shrubs were replanted to add winter interest. The wide variety of installations was completely intentional: 

Boxwood: This evergreen is easy to control, both in size and in shape.

Dragon Lady Holly: The beautifully rich blue-green leaves of this plant are a real eye-catcher, as are the clusters of bright red berries.

Goshiki Osmanthus & Nandina Firepower: These plants add additional evergreen color and varied textures throughout the year

We also included a handful of traditional installations, including azaleas and a rhododendron. Such a collection of various plants will create a myriad of colors, textures, and shapes year-round, even when the plants are not blooming.

Click on the image below to see the plants used for this project in full bloom:

With the plants in place, it was time to install the landscape lighting. We used 5 uplights behind the shrubs to highlight the beautiful stone work on the façade of the home.

We chose this location for the fixtures for a number of reasons. First, adding back lights behind the plants provide shadows, keeping the light from shining into the windows of the house. They also create a dramatic look as the light peeks through the plants and up the walls of the house.

Now is the perfect time to give your landscape an updated look, before the first frost hits. Fall is the perfect time for planting, so call Garrett Churchill today and schedule your in-home consultation before the chilly weather sets in!

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