After six months building a new construction project in Ventnor, the final touch for these homeowners was professional planting.


For this project, we planted pyramidal European hornbeam in addition to Endless Summer everblooming hydrangeas and blue princess holly. Hornbeams are a customer favorite – they grow fast, provide shade, and can last through the winter. Hydrangeas add beautiful thick foliage while holly bushes bring in a pop of color. On top of being beautiful additions to the front yard, they’re all very low maintenance!  

We didn’t stop there! To really take this front yard to the next level, we also planted sweetbay magnolia, ruby spice, rhododendron and otto luyken. 

To ensure the plants stay healthy, we began the installation process by putting fabric underneath the mulch and securing it with staples. This keeps the weeds at bay for years to come. To guarantee the plants last through many seasons, we used EarthWorks Myco-Replenish 3-3-3 fertilizer with beneficial soil organisms. This will keep the plants looking beautiful beyond summer!

It’s not too late to transform your outdoors for the remaining summer months! Our experts at Garrett Churchill will work with you to make sure you get the landscape design of your dreams in a timeframe that fits your needs.

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Ventnor Planting Project Photos
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Andy Sykes

Andy Sykes is the owner of Garrett Churchill Inc.