5 Landscaping Upgrades to Improve Your Property Value

Landscaping Upgrades

5 Landscaping Upgrades to Improve Your Property Value

Making your home stand out in today’s competitive market can be a challenge. One of the best ways to impress potential buyers is by upping your home’s property value through curb appeal. Curb appeal alone can raise your home’s value by 7%.

First impressions matter, and there’s no better way to make a strong one than with these five landscaping upgrades:

1. Landscape Lighting

Proper lighting around your property does double duty when enticing potential buyers. First, it’s an excellent way to enhance your landscaping elements by showcasing your property’s features and layout. But lighting is also a security feature.

The right lighting can illuminate pathways, which can help prevent visitors to your property from tripping and even keep trespassers out.

Invest in stylish outdoor lights that you can see regardless of the time of day for maximum value. Landscape lighting can increase property values significantly, making it both an excellent investment and something you can enjoy even if you don’t plan to sell yet.

2. Water Features

Few other landscaping upgrades make the same splash that a water feature does. A water feature immediately instills a good first impression with potential buyers. Water features can serve as a unique element that interested home hunters won’t see just anywhere.

If you plan to include a water feature, you’ll want to level it up with accent lighting. Well-placed lighting around a water feature can make it even more aesthetically pleasing.

You may opt for a smaller, low-maintenance feature, such as a fountain, to upgrade a patio or other outdoor area. Alternatively, you might choose a more elaborate option, such as a pond, for a larger space. Either way, your property is sure to benefit.

3. Privacy

Privacy is coveted by homebuyers and homeowners alike. It’s especially crucial if you have outdoor spaces like a patio or fire pit where you might want to comfortably enjoy moments with friends or loved ones.

How can you incorporate landscaping upgrades to create more privacy? Try plants! Shrubs or hedges are often the go-to, but you can even plant trees to help block the view. Fences are also par for the course, although they aren’t usually as stress-free as planting a few shrubs.

Place these additions anywhere to shield yourself from prying eyes, including in front of large windows where people can see into your home.

4. Lawn Care

If you’re not able to add new landscaping upgrades to your property, you can still level up your home’s curb appeal by properly maintaining your existing features. Many homeowners underestimate how much value a well-manicured lawn can bring to a home.

When your lawn looks uncared for, buyers may take it as a signal that your home may also not be well-kept. Consistent lawn care, like pulling weeds or mowing the lawn, can go a long way in enhancing the looks of your landscaping.

A simple supplement to lawn care is incorporating embellishments like seasonal flowers. Planting these flowers is easy and quick, and the color they bring to your landscaping can make quite a statement.

5. Trees

Another way to add instant value to your home is by planting more trees. Trees can add substantial curb appeal to your home. And when industry professionals plant them, trees can serve as a beautiful feature for your property for years to come.

Proper planting is key. Planting trees too close to a driveway, structure, or septic system can cause a range of problems. For example, as the trees develop their root system, they can damage your home’s foundation if planted too close. A professional can ensure your tree is planted in the right location.

Boost Your Property Value With Professional Landscaping Services

Whether you plan on selling your home now or in the future, investing in landscaping upgrades can be a wise choice. Aside from boosting your property value, landscaping can also make your home a more enjoyable place to live today.

Our landscaping experts can help you level up your home’s curb appeal. Reach out to our team today to learn more about how we can bring your landscaping vision to life.