Fall Landscaping Tips That You Need To Know

fall leaves & a rake on the ground

Contrary to popular belief, you can revitalize your now dying landscaping for the fall. Though the summer blooms and plants may be going into a dormant phase for the colder months, there are several plants and flowers that will make your home look like a picturesque autumn day. Plus, this is the ideal time to work on your landscaped areas to prepare for the coming Spring. Here are some fall landscaping tips that will get your plants ready for the upcoming Spring.

  • Clean Up The Bed: Clean up the garden bed of anything that shouldn’t be in there. This includes debris, weeds, leaves, etc. You might want to add a small amount of mulch around the edge of the beds, which can finish off the clean look.

  • Remove Dead Plants: What type of flowers do you currently have in your garden beds? Are they annuals, perennials, or a combination of both? Annuals only last one growing season and then die off. To make room for more plants, you can pull them after they’ve completely died off. For perennials, trim off the heads of the plants leaving behind the stem. This will force the plant’s energy back into the roots to boost new growth in the Spring.
  • Plant Something New: Fall is a great time to plant new flowers. They’ll have the entire winter to get their roots buried in the ground. There’s also less chance for bugs and pests to attack them when they’re the most vulnerable.
  • Rake Up The Leaves: As pretty as the leaves are, they can do a lot of damage to the grass and the landscape. The ground won’t get enough airflow and moisture. The nutrients naturally in the soil that the plants and grass need will become unbalanced. Raking up the leaves will show off your beautiful green grass as well as keep it healthy.

No time to clean-up your landscaping? Give us a call! We can help maintain your lawn and landscape until the winter hits!