Five Low-Maintenance Landscaping Ideas That Make a Big Impact

low-maintenance landscaping

Five Low-Maintenance Landscaping Ideas That Make a Big Impact

Tending to your yard can be a rewarding pastime, especially when you get to reap the rewards of your hard work with an attractive and inviting outdoor space.

However, if your landscaping requires more upkeep than you have time for, it can become more of a hassle than an enjoyable hobby. Additionally, some features of outdoor spaces that might look great during a certain time of year may be difficult to maintain during other seasons.

This is where low-maintenance landscaping can make all the difference.

5 Stress-Free Landscaping Ideas

Choosing the right low-maintenance landscaping features for your yard can be tricky. Consider these five low-maintenance landscaping options that can improve the look of your outdoor space without adding more work to your plate:

1. Plant Perennial Flowers and Native Plants

Everyone loves a colorful outdoor area full of blooming flowers and healthy, thriving plants. Luckily, there are many options for planting that will provide the aesthetic value you’re looking for without requiring constant watering, specific sunlight, or any other detailed care routines.

Perennials bloom with colorful flowers year after year, without the need for re-planting each season, as with annuals. Russian Sage and Echinacea are both excellent drought tolerant options.

It’s also good practice to opt for native plants for your area that already prefer the natural climate of your home region. These plants will be easier to care for than plants not suited to your region.

2. Replace Grass with Turf

Although a well-kept lawn can be stunning, maintaining grass can be difficult, especially if you live in a region that is prone to drought. Cultivating a healthy lawn can lead to higher water bills, which may exceed the budget of many homeowners.

Turf eliminates the high water expenses, needs little upkeep and doesn’t require pesticides, fertilizers, or chemical spray. Plus, it has made many advancements since it was first created, and it now looks — and feels — much more like the real thing.

3. Use Rocks and Gravel for Pathways

Garden paths are a popular landscaping feature that is both charming and useful. They delineate pathways to prevent guests from stepping on plants, sprinklers, and other delicate items.

The most common material used for garden paths is stone, whether it’s in the form of a paved walkway or loose gravel. Many homeowners choose to line their pathways with flowers and plants, but this feature can end up requiring more upkeep than it’s worth.

Try lining your pathways with complementary stones that match the color palette of your pathway, or even provide pops of color that stand out.

4. Cover Ground with Mat-Forming Flowers

If grass is too expensive and tiresome to maintain but you don’t want to replace it with turf or hardscaping, try planting mat-forming flowers instead.

Many perennials, such as Irish or Scotch moss and New Zealand brass buttons, naturally grow into a mat-like pattern, creating large stretches of brightly colored flowers that look great without much upkeep.

5. Add More Hardscaping

Sometimes, the best option for simplifying your gardening routine is to replace some of your grass or plant area with hardscaping. Hardscaping materials come in a wide range of styles, colors, and textures, offering flexibility in design options. This allows homeowners to create personalized outdoor space without the time and effort required for constant upkeep.

In fact, well-designed hardscaping can significantly enhance the curb appeal and overall value of a property. Potential buyers or tenants often appreciate a landscaped space with attractive hardscape features, which can lead to a higher resale or rental value.

Investing in high-quality materials and enlisting the expertise of a landscaping professional during the installation process will go a long way to ensure the longevity and durability of your hardscape elements.

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