Five Versatile Vines to Transform Your Garden


Five Versatile Vines to Transform Your Garden

You can’t think of multipurpose garden plants without thinking about vines. Not only can vines serve as a beautiful accent to your garden, but they can also cover fences or walls, add shade to an outdoor space, and create more privacy. They can also highlight existing landscape design elements, giving them a natural, lush look.

With so many varieties to choose from, selecting the right vines for your garden can be tricky, and there are certain types that suit the climate in Pennsylvania better than others. The vines you choose will need to be able to withstand winter temperatures or allow you the option to bring them indoors.

Here are five versatile vines you can use to beautify your outdoor space if you live in a four-season climate like Pennsylvania.


1. Clematis

Clematis plants are a popular choice for many homeowners looking to add beautiful flowering vines to their landscapes. The variety of species gives you much control over when you grow them and how they’ll look.

With almost 300 plants in this family and an array of colors and blooming seasons, there’s a clematis that can thrive in virtually any environment.

Clematis vines prefer full sun, generally needing six hours of sunlight daily to grow to their best. Some species may be more adaptable to shade, but you’ll still want to find a good sunny spot for these vines.

Fortunately, this makes clematis a great option if you want to block the sun from a space; the clematis can soak up the rays, and you get some extra privacy as well.

American-Wisteria2. American Wisteria

American wisteria has a dramatic, unique look. It makes a statement with bold flowers, usually colored anywhere from violet to lavender, and even touches of blue.

Wisteria is popular because it not only looks great but is also easy to grow. In fact, this adaptability can allow it to overtake your garden if it grows unchecked!

The most crucial consideration for growing healthy wisteria is where it will live. Wisteria needs strong support and consistent pruning so that it doesn’t collapse under its own weight. Wisteria also needs a healthy dose of sunlight, and it’s an ideal vine for covering arbors or pergolas.

Dutchmans-Pipe3. Dutchman’s Pipe

For those looking for a unique flowering vine, the Dutchman’s pipe might be just what you’re after. The flowers have heart-shaped leaves with woody stems. These vines won’t grow as tall as some other vines but can still get up to 25 feet tall in the proper conditions.

You’ll want to plant these vines in areas of your property along borders or walls away from your patio, as their scent is not always desirable. This makes them ideal for providing extra privacy and beauty in larger areas.

Hardy Kiwi4. Hardy Kiwi

That’s right — the kiwifruit you know and love can grow on a vine, and quite successfully, even in colder climates. Growing kiwi is more involved than the other vines, requiring more commitment and effort. However, the striking flowers are worth the wait, and you might even eventually get to enjoy some fresh fruit!

Hardy kiwi vines need a lot of space and support to grow. And while this plant is much hardier than other kiwi counterparts, you’ll still want to take measures to protect it, should the temperatures drop below freezing.

5. Virginia CreeperVirginia creeper

These vines can grow up to 50 feet tall, thrive in any amount of sun or soil, and don’t need much maintenance to stay healthy and look great. Of these vine choices, this one is easily the most versatile and worth growing, even if you don’t have a green thumb.

This vine doesn’t produce flowers, but the leaves turn from a vibrant green to a deep crimson in the fall. You should also take care not to let this vine grow on wood or gutters, as the weight of the plant could rip off boards or paneling.

Grow the Finest Vines with Support From a Landscaping Expert

Adding vines to your garden can transform it into an oasis you’re sure to enjoy day after day.

Start building and growing your dream garden getaway with help from a professional landscaper. Get in touch with us today to learn more.