Gwynedd Valley Entry

rebuilding deck

This project was in the details.  Due to poor grading and work done by the previous owner our client was faced with a total facelift.  All the siding and much of the framing at ground level had to be replaced.  The front concrete walkway had seen better days and the front entry deck was in the same condition as the siding.  We spend a lot of time figuring out exact dimensions and paver patterns to meet our clients objectives.
After all the siding and framing was complete we were able to start our work. We did the standard excavation and compaction of all existing soils.  Geotextile fabric was installed so separate the soils from the stone we installed and compacted.  While getting ready to build the wall we set all of our required drainage pipes.  We could then begin building our landings.

With tall bollard lights along the walkway and step lights under the caps of the first and second tiers this project is well lit at night.

After all the landing / wall work was complete we could fill in the pavers.  Our client chose the antique gravel as a backfill around the paver work. Timing was a bit of an issue.  The deck had to be removed in order to repair the framing and do the siding work therefore our client had no way to utilize their front door.   We were not able to get started until January which traditionally can get a little cold.   Fortunately we had a mild winter and were able to get our excavation work done.  We had planned on it being colder so we had specified the project be done with an open graded stone to eliminate the compaction issues that can occur when working with a standard base stone.
The house with its new siding and trim looks fantastic and now has a suitable entry.
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