A Low Maintenance Landscape To Suit A Busy Lifestyle

little purple flower bush

Trying to balance extensive landscape upkeep with a busy lifestyle can be difficult. The free time you get you may not want to worry about keeping after the landscape. With little-to-no maintenance outdoor spaces, everyone will have a beautiful yard no matter what is going on in their lives. They’ll be able to utilize retaining walls, using permeable pavers, ground covers, and much more! Here’s how to make your landscaping areas work for you and your lifestyle!

Use ground cover: If you have a larger area that you want to be filled with plants,  ground cover is a wonderful option. It’s great for filling in large areas, especially troubled spots because it helps control erosion, maintain moisture, and is prettier than plain grass. Some common ground covers are creeping juniper, creeping thyme, Aronia, lavender, and more!

Mix landscapes and hardscapes: Your hardscape takes up a lot of slack when it comes to your outdoor space. Use it to create raised patios and seating areas eliminating the need for wooden decks. It can also section off smaller areas to still have a landscape to look after, but it’s not an overwhelming patch to maintain.

Using permeable materials: Not all pavers are created equal. The best low-maintenance options are materials that allow rainwater to get through to the soil underneath. This can be permeable pavers, stone, and gravel.

Mulch heavily: Mulch is a wonderful companion to any landscape. Using compost and shredded bark helps eliminate dormant weeds by reducing the need to turn the soil. Earthworms will be more active with this kind of mulch and help aid the growth of the plants.

At Garrett Churchill, we understand that life is a little hectic sometimes. Don’t let your landscape get in that way! Contact us to come up with the best solution for your space and your time!