How To Use Your Outdoor Space All Year!

outdoor kitchen

Pennsylvania is lucky to have a mixture of all four seasons. But, sometimes we don’t feel so lucky when it gets too hot or too cold. These extreme changes in the seasons also make it difficult to use outdoor spaces like patios or decks. That’s where adding supplemental features to your area really comes in handy. With additions like a fire pit, the right lighting, an outdoor kitchen, and more, you’ll be enjoying your outdoor space no matter what time of year it is! Here are a few options that will make the space a regular place to hang out!

● A Fire Feature: Fire features can be used any time throughout the year. They can help keep bugs away in the summertime, keep you toasty warm in the colder months, and can be used for s’mores anytime! A common selection is a fit pit because you’re able to fit multiple people around it for a good chat. If you want something a little safer where the fire is more contained consider having a fireplace installed. It can be the focus of the yard or it can be attached to the outdoor kitchen space.

● An Cooking Space: Have you ever craved a grilled steak or burgers but it’s winter? Standard grills from home improvement stores might not be able to handle the cold weather. With a custom outdoor kitchen and grill, you’ll have the freedom to cook any time of the year.

● A Sheltered Spot: Pergolas, awnings, patio roofs, and more are wonderful shading the spot during the summer, but did you know it’s helpful for the fall and winter? With a good roof, it can protect your patio or porch from rain, sleet, snow, ice, and wind. You won’t have to worry about clearing the area if you want to sit out by the fire or use the outdoor kitchen.

● Year-Round Furniture: Most outdoor furniture needs to be stored during the colder months. They can get damaged or age quickly if they’re exposed to too much moisture. For year-round furniture, you’ll need something that’s rugged and low maintenance.

● The Lighting: Outdoor lighting handles a couple of things on your property. It illuminates the area for security purposes and it lights up the outdoor space so you’re able to enjoy it even at night! Who says you have to go in just because the sun goes down?

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