How to Prepare Your Yard for New Landscaping

New landscaping

How to Prepare Your Yard for New Landscaping

Redesigning and updating your landscaping can be an exciting experience. Whether you’re updating your previous outdoor design to suit your current lifestyle or revamping a brand-new property, adding new landscaping is an opportunity to be creative and curate your yard to your exact preferences.

Before you can get started with your new landscaping, however, it’s important to be prepared. A little preparation can go a long way in ensuring a smooth process, and you’ll be able to keep to your budget by avoiding unexpected expenses. Here are a few simple tips to follow as you get ready for your landscaping update.

Remove Your Outdoor Furniture

Getting a clear picture of the state of your yard is difficult with all of your current furniture and decor items in the way, so take the time to remove these things.

Essentially, the first step to creating new landscaping is taking out everything that isn’t riveted down or planted. You can always put them back if you want to, but this will give you a much better idea of the space you’re working with and how you can update the area.

Clear Away Leaves and Other Debris

Planning and executing your new landscaping ideas will be much easier if you start with a clean slate. After you’ve removed your outdoor furniture, grab a rake and collect all the leaves, twigs, and other natural debris that are easily removable.

This will make your yard look much neater, and you can also use this type of organic matter as compost or mulch for your garden. Don’t be surprised if you find some forgotten yard decorations, toys, or even trash among the leaves if they’ve been sitting on the ground for some time.

Take Note of Permanent Features

Unless you’re planning a full remodel of your property, there are likely some permanent fixtures in your yard that you will need to design your new landscaping around. A great example of this is the trees on your property.

If you have a nice old tree that is perfectly healthy, make sure to plan to leave it, as doing so can keep the value of your property high and maintain the aesthetic of your yard. Some homeowners will also avoid removing shrubbery and other plants that serve as additional privacy between yards.

Take the Time to Plan Your Design

Adding new landscaping can level up your home, but it also takes time, energy, and investment. That’s why you want to be very intentional with your new landscaping design.

Once all of the easily removable items in your yard have been moved, spend time out in your yard visualizing different options. Consider what overall aesthetic you would like to go for and what level of maintenance you are willing to take on.

Speaking to a professional can help you learn how to best upgrade your landscaping within your budget. Don’t pull the trigger on any new landscaping updates until you’re certain of the overall design and feel completely confident in it.

Only Remove Plants if Necessary

Though smaller plants like flowers and bushes can be removed using a shovel and some elbow grease, only go through the process of taking these out and replanting them or disposing of them if you need to.

If these plants are healthy and producing, you can incorporate them into your new landscaping design for ease, convenience, and low cost.

Test Your Soil and Drainage

When designing your new landscaping, try to keep a long-term mindset. How will your updated plants, landscaping features, and furniture last throughout years of use and weather exposure? Is your yard properly set up to drain moisture and avoid mold or other issues?

Updating your yard and adding new landscaping is the perfect time to do a simple soil test to make sure your soil is healthy and able to support the new plants and features you want to add. Additionally, test your yard’s grade to determine drainage patterns, and make any necessary updates.

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