Planning An Upcoming Project?

new patio

“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” – Warren Buffett

Successful planning for an upcoming project starts with our clients sharing their dreams and visions for how they want to use the outdoor space they have now and well as in the future. What are your objectives, desires, and budget?We have met with clients who have one thing on their mind at the time.

  1. My back yard is always wet and every time the dog comes it gets mud everywhere, or my kid can’t play outside for 4 days after it rains I need a drainage solution.
  2. We have let things go and now it’s all overgrown, we are planning on selling in a few years and we need to curb appeal but we what to enjoy it while we stay.
  3. My neighbor has all kinds of junk piled up behind his garage and we see it all the time while we are sitting on our patio, we need screening/privacy plantings.
  4. We love to spend time outside with family and friends. Our existing patio is not large enough, we need more space. We would like an area to eat, an area to sit, an area for the grill, maybe an outdoor kitchen, and it is so hot we need some shade.

We also have clients that have complete makeover plans or are starting from a blank slate with a new home.

Project planning begins with a clear vision or direction, a set of goals and priorities and adequate time to develop the plan. Winter is a great time to do just that before the spring rush hits. Some projects require designs while some only require a detailed proposal. Planting projects will generally not require any permits, however, in most of the areas where we work, all hardscape and drainage projects will require a permit. Permits can take up to a month to obtain and will require a full property plan. Plans are a mixed bag in our industry, some companies charge for design work while others do not. We value our time and expertise, so we do charge for landscape and hardscape plans. Its no secret that almost every landscaper is busy during the spring months so if you are looking to have a project installed in the spring now is the time to start the process. Meet with a few companies and see what your options are. Be prepared to discuss your goals, have some pictures with details of what you are trying to accomplish, and have a budget. We realize that our clients do not know how much things cost, but we also know there must be a range that they are willing to invest in a project. Thinking a full back yard makeover with a patio, lighting, and plantings will cost around $5,000.00 is just not realistic unless the yard is very small. Happy new year, we wish you all a safer, happier, and healthier year in 2021.