Garrett Churchill In Huntingdon Valley

landscape design in huntingdon valley

One thing is for certain: Huntingdon Valley has some very beautiful homes!

From gorgeous condominiums to quaint houses, Huntingdon Valley residents take great pride in where they live. Garrett Churchill is honored to have helped shape the landscape of this wonderful community.

Below you will find a sample of our expert team’s landscape design in Huntingdon Valley. It’s obvious why Garrett Churchill has become the area’s most trusted name in landscape design!

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Mixing Old And New During Landscape Renovations

landscape design in huntingdon valley ProposalThe landscape design at the entrance of this Huntingdon Valley home was a little worse for wear.

Many of the plants were installed in the wrong place, which had led to overgrowth, and the plants that did survive were being devoured by deer.

Garrett Churchill was able to salvage many of the plants from the original landscape and recreated a completely revamped look to the home entrance. The new design added much more color, and the plants were installed in the perfect place to get just the right amount of light all year long.

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Cooling Off With A New Boulder Fountain

landscape design in huntingdon valley - Boulder FountainHuntingdon Valley’s very own Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust was so impressed with the work that the Garrett Churchill team was doing around town, that they called us for a bit of help with a project of their own!

The Pennypack Trust hosts 771 acres of protected land and 10 miles of trails to nearly 22,000 visitors annually (free of charge!).

At the heart of this protected land is an observatory room where birds can enjoy an array of feeders. Garrett Churchill installed a water feature that added to the peacefulness of the area, while giving the birds a place to cool off and grab a drink.

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A New Landing And Steps To Lead Our Client Home

landscape design in huntingdon valley - Patio StepsThe steps that originally flanked the entrance to this beautiful Huntingdon Valley home were in horrible shape.

The steps themselves were far too tall for outdoor patio steps (measuring over 8″ high!), the grading was all off, and the cement had begun to crack. Additionally, rock salt had interacted poorly with the material, which altered the color of the cement.

Garrett Churchill designed a brand new, modern-looking set of stairs, constructed out of hearty bluestone tread. The patio space was rebuilt with the same bluestone.

These new steps look amazing, and we’re glad that we helped our client feel better every time he enters his home!

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Sprucing Up The Entrance To A Huntingdon Valley Condo

landscape design in huntingdon valley - commercialWhen it comes to apartment buildings and condominiums, having an attractive communal outdoor space is more important than ever!

The property manager of this Huntingdon Valley condo building was desperate for help from Garrett Churchill. The island planter in the center of the complex had deteriorated beyond repair, and his tenants had no where else to go to enjoy the great outdoors.

Not only did we completely reconstruct the planter, but we also added an array of plants whose roots would not expand and damage the newly-built planter. We also added a series of lights throughout the plants to illuminate their leaves and add ambience to the area.

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