Horticultural Services

Garrett Churchill cares about your landscape and we know the care required to make it look its best.

We have many clients that love to garden but don’t want to deal with labor-intensive items like mulching and removing leaves. We have other clients that appreciate a beautiful landscape but don’t have the time or desire to care for it. That’s why we offer a tailored maintenance plan that meets your specific needs.

You are free to tell us what you want and what you don’t want. Our services are listed below, however if there is something you don’t see we may be able to help or find you the right person for the job.

Spring Clean-up

Our spring clean up generally includes the following however we can tailor it to your needs.

  • Remove all debris from landscape beds and lawn areas. This would include remaining leaves and limbs that have fallen during the winter months.
  • Edge the beds to create a well defined border.
  • Prune summer flowering shrubs as needed.
  • Prune non flowering evergreen shrubs as needed.
  • Apply organic fertilizer to planting beds.
  • Apply pre-emergent weed control to landscape beds.
  • Mulch the beds to maintain a 2” layer of mulch. We are careful not to build up mulch around plant stems and perennial crowns which can lead to serious plant issues including crown rot and girdling roots.
  • All debris is removed from the property.


We mow when the grass needs to be cut and that is dependent on mother nature.

  • Contracts include 26 mowing’s for the season and a per cut price. 26 is an average although we have had summers with rain that have bumped the mowing count up to 28. 
  • We don’t mow when it is hot and dry. The grass may not need to be cut and running mowing equipment over it damages the turf when it is in that condition not to mention you don’t need to pay for a mowing when it is not needed.
  • We adjust mowing heights slightly throughout the year. Spring and fall 3” summer 4”.  The longer the leaf blade the healthier the turf grass.  Longer lawns tend to shade the soil keeping it cooler and limiting light penetration to the soil thus reducing weed growth.
  • Mowing includes edging of curbs and walks, periodic touch up of bed edges, and blowing off all debris from hardscape surfaces. 

Bed & Shrub Care

  • We utilize mechanical and chemical methods to control weeds.  If you prefer to not use any chemicals we are happy to pull weeds.  It is important to pull the weed with the roots to obtain the best control. 
  • When we visit your property, we take note of the plants and schedule pruning at the appropriate time of year for those plants. For example, azaleas and rhododendrons should be pruned within 3 to 4 weeks of when they flower.  Spirea and other summer flowering shrubs should be pruned in the early spring.  

Annual Planting

We can design and install seasonal color in landscape beds and containers.

  • Annual plantings generally installed around mothers day.
  • Fall flowers that can include mums, asters, cabbage / kale, and pansies.
  • Flower bulbs for spring color

Fall Clean-Up

  • Removal of leaves from landscape beds and lawn areas.
  • Cut back of perennials and grasses as needed.

Turf Care

We are a professional company and realize there are specialized companies that are very good at what they do, hence we partner with a local independent turf care company for the following services:

  • Lawn fertilization
  • Lawn weed control
  • Lawn renovation

Tree Care

Similar to turf care we partner with a local arborist to provide:

  • Large tree pruning
  • Large tree removal
  • Plant health care

Key Benefits of Maintenance Services

Time Savings

If you love gardening but don’t want to do the heavy lifting of edging beds, mulching, or removing leaves and cutting things back in the Fall, Garrett Churchill can help!

Smart Investment Protection

Keep your plants looking just as good as the day they were installed! Unkept landscapes definitely are not serving their intended purpose.

Neighbor Envy

A well-maintained landscape can be the talk of the neighborhood. Garrett Churchill can balance the work that needs to be done with the work you want to do – and the budget you have.

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