Horticultural Services

Give Your Plants The Care They Deserve

Garrett Churchill cares about your landscape and we know the care required to make it look its best.

We have many clients that love to garden but don’t want to deal with labor-intensive items like mulching and removing leaves. We have other clients that appreciate a beautiful landscape but don’t have the time or desire to care for it. That’s why we offer a maintenance plan that meets your specific needs.

Plans Include:

Horticultural Services by Garrett Churchill

Seasonal Plans – Generally spring & fall cleanup. Spring remove debris from the winter months, prune any shrubs that need to be pruned, cut back any remaining perennials, edge the beds, apply organic fertilizer for plant health, apply pre-emergent weed control to limit weed growth, and mulch. Fall remove leaves from the beds and turf areas. Cut back perennials and grasses.

Monthly Plans – Monthly plans are generally one visit per month to weed beds and prune shrubs based on the horticultural needs of the plan. We prune at the proper time and don’t prune everything at the same time. Weed beds to remove weeds before they flower and create more weeds. We have organic controls if you are opposed to the use of chemical herbicides.

Weekly Plans – Weekly plans include mowing and all of the above. We generally plan for 26 mowings during the growing season. This number excludes 2 mowings in July & August when things dry out – we don’t cut when the grass is not growing. We adjust the height of the mowing decks seasonally for turf health and we keep blades sharp to provide a nice cut.

Key Benefits of Horticultural Services

Time Savings

If you love gardening but don’t want to do the heavy lifting of edging beds, mulching, or removing leaves and cutting things back in the Fall, Garrett Churchill can help!

Smart Investment Protection

Keep your plants looking just as good as the day they were installed! Unkept landscapes definitely are not serving their intended purpose.

Neighbor Envy

A well-maintained landscape can be the talk of the neighborhood. Garrett Churchill can balance the work that needs to be done with the work you want to do – and the budget you have.

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