What Are The Most Affordable Landscaping Materials?

Affordable Landscaping Materials

What Are The Most Affordable Landscaping Materials?

Now that summer has officially started (and socializing is safe), many of us are spending more time than ever planning gatherings and soaking up the warm weather in our yards.

If your lawn is overdue for a makeover, it may be tempting to start researching the newest, trendiest landscaping materials to spruce up your space. However, there are plenty of beautiful landscaping options you can implement without breaking the bank.

Read on for some of our favorite affordable landscaping materials and creative solutions—your wallet will thank you!


Never underestimate the power of foliage. Every functional landscape has a balance of hardscape and softscape, with plants—adding an instant element of color and beauty to any environment—being a prime example of softscape.

Small, potted plants are generally more economical than large plants; trees and shrubs that lose their foliage in the fall and winter tend to be more affordable than evergreens.

One option is to start with seeds instead of purchasing a full-grown plant, though it does take more time and effort. Once you see the sprouts evolve into your own tree or shrub, you’ll likely find that it’s well worth the investment.   If you start small plant with the growth habit and future size in mind.

If you want to fill your space with home-grown greenery sooner rather than later, consider leafy plants which will fill more space in less time. Grow leafy vegetables such as lettuce and arugula, or try a lush, cascading Creeping Jenny. If vines fit your aesthetic, opt for a Clematis climbing vine, which can grow 18 inches per year, depending on a location, sunlight, and soil conditions.


When it comes to walkways, patios, and driveways, one relatively inexpensive option is gravel. Gravel can also be used around flower beds for added curb appeal. It’s durable, easily modifiable, and can add an added element of character to your landscape.

Pea gravel is the most popular type of gravel, consisting of several small rocks. You could also incorporate crushed stone or decomposed granite, depending on your preference.

Buying in bulk typically offers the best value, so it doesn’t hurt to have several gravel-related ideas in mind for your landscape.


Mulch is a popular landscaping material due to its functional benefits; its rich color can also give a finished, manicured look to any landscape.

Take advantage of any free mulch or composting sites in your area. Additionally, some tree trimming companies may be happy to get rid of excess wood chips free of charge. You can even create your own mulch using grass clippings from your lawnmower, pruned leaves, newspaper, compost, sawdust… the list goes on!


Once the sun goes down, having the proper outdoor lighting is crucial if you want to keep using your backyard as a comfortable hangout spot.

Not only is solar lighting the most energy-efficient option, it’s also the least expensive—a win-win!

For a simple lighting fix, hang some ambient string lights. For the ultimate all-natural lighting, purchase some candles or go all-out with a backyard fire pit.

Learn more about outdoor lighting tips at our blog: 5 Creative Lighting Tips to Brighten up Your Backyard.

Additional Ideas

If you’re feeling creative and itching for a DIY project, we’ve compiled some of our favorite affordable, creative landscaping solutions:

  • Thrift for outdoor furniture, flower pots, and yard decorations. Stain or paint can give used furniture a brand-new look.
  • Before you toss an old item, consider repurposing it in your yard. For example, use an old tire or wheelbarrow as a flower planter, or turn old indoor furniture into new outdoor furniture. You could even turn a tree stump into a bench or table.
  • Use logs, rocks, broken bricks, and discarded chunks of concrete as planter borders. Contact local companies to see who may be willing to share their not-quite-perfect pieces for a significant discount.

If DIY isn’t your style, choose a landscaping company that fits your needs and budget. At Garrett Churchill, we can help you turn your backyard vision into a reality. Contact us to learn more.