5 Reasons to Invest in a High-Quality Drainage System


5 Reasons to Invest in a High-Quality Drainage System

Every homeowner wants to protect their investments, and this is no different for landscaping. Many uncontrollable circumstances can damage your outdoor spaces, the major one being the weather. And while it’s not as glamorous to focus on the more practical parts of designing a landscape — it’s much more fun to think of only your flower beds and birdbaths — it is crucial to take the time and effort needed to keep your property secure.

Excessive rainfall can cause many issues for homeowners, especially regarding their landscaping. However, with a high-quality drainage system, you can effectively mitigate any damage water could cause. Here are five excellent reasons to consider adding a high-quality drainage system to your landscape protection arsenal.

1. Prevent Water Damage

Water damage is pervasive. And while it can adversely affect your landscaping, it can also significantly damage the outside and even the foundation of your home. If water from heavy storms has nowhere to go, it will flow through your yard and push against the sides of your house.

Water is notoriously skilled at getting into small spaces — it makes its way into your foundation through tiny cracks and erodes the material over time. It can also cause water damage in your basement and warp walls or destroy belongings. Drainage systems divert the water away from your home to keep it under control.

2. Prevent Soil Erosion

Soil erosion occurs when excessive moisture, typically rainwater, dislodges soil from your landscape and carries it to other parts of your yard. On the surface, this may not seem like more than a small headache. In fact, soil erosion can cause severe damage to a landscape and trigger a chain reaction on your property that leads to a long-term concern.

Erosion lowers soil fertility, instantly making it more difficult for your plants to thrive and your crops to grow. Even worse is how risky it makes every weather pattern for the safety of your home. Soil erosion can increase the possibility of floods and landslides, varying in severity from a minor nuisance to a devastating natural disaster. Luckily, the drawbacks of soil erosion can all be reduced with a well-made drainage system.

3. Prevent Standing Water

Standing water will always seek a resting place in a pocket of earth or land. This stagnant water can spell trouble for your trees, shrubs, and gardens, causing them to become oversaturated. Standing water is also a major lawn killer and can place stress on green grass in particular.

Pooling water is also the ideal home for many pests, like mosquitos, and is the precursor to mold growth. Neither is fun to deal with or good for your health, so having a place for excess water to drain off is crucial for protecting the livelihoods of you and your plant family.

4. Preserve Landscape Design

Every homeowner puts thought and attention into their landscaping, so it only makes sense that you wouldn’t want to undo your hard work. That is why a practical element like a drainage system makes so much sense.

Water can shift around the land and wreak havoc on surrounding structures even when made of the toughest materials. Landscape damage can vary from flooding your favorite plants to whittling away at a beautiful sculpture. After nurturing and creating your dream landscape, it would be a shame to start from scratch due to something as preventable as water damage.

5. Save Time and Money

High-quality drainage systems aren’t a luxury if you’re constantly vying to protect your property against water damage. The expenses you pay in redoing landscaping or repairing the foundation can be significantly higher than the one-time investment of adding ample drainage to your space.

Maintenance for a good system is usually minimal. In addition, you’ll find that it’s worth not having to worry about water if you hire a professional who understands how to build a proper drainage system. You should consider any drainage issues before you start large landscaping projects to see if there are ways to improve your drainage, as it’s generally less expensive to do this before finishing a project.

Protect Your Property with Drainage Systems

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