Bluestone Landing Goes From Blah To Beautiful


Time (and the elements) take their toll on your hardscape. That fact is inevitable. What you can do is tend to the damage before it becomes an eyesore, or a safety hazard.

One of Garrett Churchill’s clients asked us to take a look at their rather sad-looking front landing in front of their beautiful Ambler home. After years of wear, tear, and exposure to the outside world, the bluestone had begun to loosen and most of the pointing was either loose or missing.

We began by lifting all of the stones and removing the decaying setting bed. After everything was cleaned up, including the stones, we reset them and pointed all the joints.

All it took after that was a simple power wash of the bluestone to bring the landing back to a good-as-new condition, without having to rip the entire installation out and starting over from scratch.

Not only were we able to give our clients the entryway their home deserved, but we were able to save them hundreds of dollars by cleaning up the existing materials, restoring them to their original glory instead of replacing the entire landing.

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