COVID 19 and the landscape industry

These are unprecedented times for all of us.  As a husband and father I am concerned for my family and their safety.  As a business owner I am concerned for my team and their families.  As an industry we are considered necessary and allowed to operate when most businesses are closed down.  I am sure this has a lot to do with our work outdoors were we have limited, if any, contact with the public if we observe social distancing.  I can assure you we are abiding by all the current rules and regulations.  I have had to make some difficult decisions in the 21 years Garrett Churchill has been in business but the work or not to work during this tumultuous time has me a bit of a wreck.  I want to make sure my team is safe, before it was making sure they go home in the same condition they got here in, now its the same challenge with a different set of circumstances.  I decided to close for this week to ensure things are clean and ready for the team next week and we will be following all guidelines that have been suggested to us.  I wish everyone the best during these difficult times.