Five Hearty Go-to Shrubs to Beautify Your Yard


Five Hearty Go-to Shrubs to Beautify Your Yard

Shrubs are a great way to liven up almost any landscape. They provide natural beauty and color and can thrive throughout the year. If you are looking for shrubs to plant in your garden or yard, consider these five hearty, go-to selections:

1. Azaleas

You might have done a double take at “azaleas.” After all, don’t animals eat flowering plants? But there are several reasons why azaleas are one of the best go-to shrubs.

Gorgeous Colors

Azaleas produce gorgeous flowers that bloom throughout the spring and summer. Colors include white, red, and caring shades of pink to lavender. Deciduous azaleas with orange and yellow flowers are a less popular, but vibrant find!

Climate Concerns

Azaleas do not handle wind very well. If you live in a windy area, make sure to plant the azalea where it is protected. For example, if you have tall bushes in your yard, try planting near them to shield the azaleas from the wind.

Watch Out for Excessive Cold

The other element azaleas do not fare well in is extreme cold. If you live in an area that experiences single-digit or sub-zero temperatures, make sure to wrap your azaleas in a burlap bag. This will offer warmth and protection from the cold.

2. Hydrangeas

Landscaping experts tend to agree that hydrangeas are one of the best shrubs to fill empty spaces because certain varieties can grow quite large. But there are other factors that make them a favorite shrub for beautifying a yard as well, including:

Fast Growth

Hydrangeas are incredibly fast-growing plants. They can increase their width and height to anywhere between three and four feet within a few years. This is why they are ideal for filling large spaces.

Border Creation

Whether you are planting them in your yard or garden, hydrangeas are perfect for borders. Their rapid growth ensures your space will be fortified in no time.

Color Variety

Hydrangeas will lend their delicate colors throughout the summer months. They bloom in shades of blue, pink, white, red, and green.

Avoid Excess Moisture and Sunlight

The optimal environment for hydrangeas is one with moist soil, a little shade, and rain. Exposing them to too much moisture can cause their leaves to droop and their growth to become stunted, while too much sunlight can make them struggle to flower, and their leaves may bleach.

3. Viburnums

If you’re looking for a hearty shrub, look no further than viburnums. These incredible plants are a favorite for a variety of reasons:

No Drama

Viburnums are known for their low maintenance and hardiness. This combination makes them relatively easy to take care of. They can be planted in a wide range of places, can survive in all kinds of weather, and don’t need to be watered constantly after their roots are established.

Year-Round Colors

Unlike shrubs that flower in certain seasons, viburnums sport their beautiful colors all year. They will flower during the spring and summer and bear fruit in the fall and winter months.

Watch Out for Aging

Viburnums are so hearty that age is likely their only major issue. Be sure to prune your viburnums if they stop flowering or show signs of wilting.

4. Spirea

Spirea typically requires little care and suits a variety of purposes.

Great for Any Space

Unlike some bushes, spirea is a versatile shrub great for both small and large spaces. It can grow in areas smaller than two feet or in areas larger than ten feet.

Prevent Insect Damage

Do your best to keep mites and aphids away from your spirea. While they may be relatively low maintenance, small insects like these can cause problems.

5. Honeysuckle Bush

Honeysuckle bushes are a staple shrub that will look beautiful in any garden. They are often best known for their nectar.


Honeysuckle bushes produce nectar, which means they attract a variety of pollinators. So if you like bees and hummingbirds flying around, plant some honeysuckle in your yard.

Don’t Forget Pest Control

Due to their sweet taste, honeysuckle bushes can be a target for deer, rabbits, and other pests.

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