Full-Service Landscape Maintenance Contracts

Full Service Landscape

Why should I choose one company to perform all my maintenance services? A simple answer is accountability. If something is not right, there is one phone call to make, one company to resolve the issue, and no finger-pointing.

What does a full-service landscape maintenance contract include?

Garrett Churchill’s full-service landscape maintenance contracts include the following in seasonal order;

  1. Spring cleanup. 1 time per year.
    • Removal of any remaining debris from the winter.
    • Pruning of any damaged or diseased branches from small trees (15’ or less) and shrubs.
    • Cut back of any remaining perennials and ornamental grasses.
    • Bed edging to define the beds and retain the mulch.
    • Pre-emergent weed control and organic fertilizer.
    • Installation of mulch to maintain a 2” mulch layer. No mulch will be built up against the stems of plants leading to plant health issues.
  2. Mowing approximately 28 times per year based on weather conditions.
    • Seasonal height adjustments to optimize turf health.
    • Alternate mowing patterns to minimize compaction caused by mowing equipment.
    • Avoid cutting when it is exceptionally wet.
    • We do not cut when the lawn is not growing, that is generally when the weather is extremely hot and dry to minimize the stress on the turf.
    • Dispersal of clipping to retain nutrients.
    • Blowing off all hardscape surfaces including walkways, driveways, patios, and decks.
  3. Bed Care performed either monthly or bi-monthly.
    • Pruning of shrubs and small trees based on the correct time for pruning for the plants specific to your property.
    • Bed weeding. Although pre-emergent weed control will help with the weeds there is still a need to remove weeds.
    • Perennial care. Depending on the make-up of perennials in the garden some benefit from deadheading while others will rebloom if they are cut back after blooming. Fall cutbacks, if appropriate, for perennials and ornamental grasses.
  4. Fall clean up is generally completed two times during the fall. Leaving leaves on lawn areas limits light penetration to the grass at a time the root system is still growing.
    • Removal of leaves from landscape beds and turf. Leaves can either be piled at the curb for local pickup or hauled away.

We work with experts in their field to provide turf care programs and tree care.

Our Extended Plant Warranty: We will warrant the plants we install if there is a full-service maintenance contract in place with our company within one year of the completion of the planting project. The warranty will last as long as we are maintaining the property.

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