Huntingdon Valley Walkway Upgrade Minimizes Future Landscaping


The walkway to the front door of this home in Huntingdon Valley had seen better days; the slate was loose and was in no condition to be reset. To help the homeowner, Garrett Churchill’s experienced team came up with a plan that created a whole new look and minimized maintenance moving forward.

After the old entrance was gone, we moved the Japanese maple from the entrance area to the right side of the house. To start, we dug the area out and installed a step up from the driveway. The step is actually 4 pieces of bluestone that are each 6” thick, 4’ long and 15” deep.

From there, it was a matter of laying out a bluestone walkway that eliminated all the planting bed area and weeding for our client.

Since the front yard sloped down to the house and the bluestone had to slope away from the house, we were left with a bit of a grading concern. As a solution we installed river rock and utilized some of the existing rock from the site to create a drainage swale for water to run towards the right side of the house.

We finished the project off with landscape lighting to light up the step for safety and highlight their gorgeous to entrance. The end result? A beautiful and inviting walkway that minimized future landscape maintenance and improved accessibility.

Start to Finish Landscape Process

Huntingdon Valley Entrance Transformation