Landscape Curb Appeal – How It Increases the Value of Your Home


The exterior appearance of a home can have a massive impact on the overall value of your property. This is an unfortunate reality when there are nearly an unlimited amount of options to choose from when it comes to giving your property some much needed “curb appeal.” This is particularly important when it comes to the idea of putting your house on the market. Regardless of your decision to sell, buy, or optimize, creating the outdoor destination of your dreams is going to a beautiful investment that will in one way or another give you years of tremendous return! Let’s cover some of the best landscaping services for this purpose!

Mulching – Mulch comes in many colors and is a great way to make your property pop! The proper mulch job will add wonderful accents to your flower beds and ultimately make the property feel more connected and eye-grabbing. When a prospective buyer sees a home, they want to know the previous owner was attentive to every detail. No one wants to buy a home which was neglected. Show off your home and give it the presentation it deserves from attic to asphalt with a pro mulch job!

Walkways – A simple, and often overlooked, tip that will immediately make your property seem cleaner and more unique. The walkway to the front door is the passageway into your home. This somewhat trivial detail can make or break your home’s first impression. Be sure to have a smooth, clean, walkable path to your door. If the porch or any of the connecting pavers or stones are cracked or out of place, consider replacing. This will make sure that you have safer access to your home during the winter and will offer a potential home buyer a pleasant first impression of your property. First impressions are everything in the housing market.Tree planting and maintenance – There is no one perfect tree that is guaranteed to bring extra value to your property. Instead, we must look at the ideas of personal preference and durability. To one person a fruit-bearing tree could be the difference between loving and hating a property.  When it comes to trees, adding value to your property, the longevity and the placement are the deciding factors. If trees are placed too close to a home or in other dangerous/invasive areas a tree can be more of a hindrance than a help. Trees to consider:

  • Linden trees – Durable trees that provide excellent shade and a lovely appearance. 
  • Maple trees – A very common choice amongst homeowners, and for good reason. These trees, like Lindens, provide quality shade and during the fall are a sight to behold amidst their drastic color changes. 
  • Oak trees – These goliaths are great for local wildlife due to the production of acorns and are some of the best shade providers of any deciduous trees.

 These tips coupled with a solid lawn mowing and weed whacking plan will keep your property looking great all year round. We all know it can be difficult to handle all of these chores so hiring a professional like Garrett Churchill is the right move! We can handle the toughest and most detailed projects and promise to give your property a new aesthetic which will add property and luster for years to come.