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Elkins Park landscape design

If you’re not from the Greater Philadelphia area, you may have heard of Elkins Park as the hometown of Betty Draper in AMC’s “Mad Men”.

To residents of the area, it is so much more than that! Surrounded by gorgeous natural landscape, the town is full of historical homes and friendly neighbors.

Garrett Churchill is proud to help shape the landscape of Elkins Park, helping each resident create the home of their dreams from the inside out.

Below are some examples of our most recent Elkins Park landscape design projects. From large commercial projects to your neighbor’s backyard, we’re proud to make our mark on the growth of this town!

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Overcoming Obstacles During The High School Park Boardwalk Construction

Elkins Park landscape design - BoardwalkResidents of Elkins Park know all about the old Cheltenham High School demolition, and the restoration of the surrounding land back to its original natural glory.

“High School Park”, is now the perfect place for residents to take a quiet stroll and learn about the new wildlife, thanks to this beautiful boardwalk built by Garrett Churchill!

Despite several obstacles during the design and construction phases, our expert team was able to complete the task, and the end result is stunning!

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New Landscape Design Adds Some Serious Curb Appeal

Elkins Park landscape design - curb appealYour home deserves to be seen, not hidden by unattractive overgrowth!

An Elkins Park homeowner had enough with their yard, which had grown out of control. The walls of their house were covered in ivy, and poorly-installed plants crept out of their beds, taking over the yard and even the driveway path!

Garrett Churchill outlined several new planter beds and installed subtle yet beautiful plants that would grow to just the right size without overpowering their space.

We also removed the vines from the walls, and even installed a brand new bluestone walkway leading fro the driveway to the front of the house. The homeowner is so pleased to be able to show off their brand new landscape!

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Bringing Our Talents Inside With A Custom Brick Veneer Fireplace

Elkins Park landscape design - Brick Veneer FireplaceAt Garrett Churchill, we’re way more than just an “outdoors” company!

An Elkins Park resident had attempted to install a brick veneer fireplace in his basement, to no avail. He contacted Garrett Churchill because of our reputation throughout Elkins Park as bricklaying experts, and we were more than happy to get out of the frigid January weather and complete this indoor project!

The brick had been hand-sawn, and we sealed it to a fiberglass mesh backing with tile mastic (perfectly sufficient for an indoor project).

The odd angles of the basement walls made this project challenging, but we were more than up to the task! Now this basement has been completely transformed into a gorgeous lounge area, perfect for entertaining guests by a warm fire in the winter months!

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Creating A Garden With Limited Space

Elkins Park landscape design - narrow gardenAt Garrett Churchill, we’re more than familiar with working around unique restrictions and unexpected obstacles, especially when it comes to Elkins Park landscape design!

While designing this backyard, we had to figure out a way to incorporate a patio (large enough to hold a table, chairs, and a grill), a vegetable garden, flowering plants & shrubs, and a water feature.

The catch: as you moved further back into the yard, the space became narrower and more difficult to work with.

We were able to come up with the perfect design that incorporated all of the necessary elements, without feeling crowded!

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