Snow removal tips to keep concrete pavers looking their best.

paver driveway

In order to keep concrete pavers looking their best there are some things to consider when it is time to remove snow. 
Mechanical Methods: whether plowing, shoveling, or snow blowing steel edges are likely to scratch paver surfaces.  It is important to use plastic shovels, snow plows with with either rubber or polyurethane cutting edges, and snow blowers with polyurethane or plastic shoes to minimize the risk of any damage.  Avoid the use of tire chains on snow blowers and plow vehicles as the steel can mark the pavers even if the tires dont spin.
Chemical Methods: Techo Bloc is one of the only manufacturers that clearly states that you can use rock salt on some of their pavers.  Many manufacturers want you to stay away from rock salt.  Any ice melter used in excess can cause damage to pavers.  The damage usually comes from the constant freeze thaw process, if water gets into the paver and freezes it will expand causing damage. Unilock says that a magnesium based products should be avoided as they cause more damage to concrete than a calcium based product will.  EP henry suggests the use of  Calcium Magnesium Acetate (CMA), they also suggest using any material sparingly and removing any excess after the ice and snow are gone.  There are a plethora of ice melt products available in hardware and home improvement stores that are “concrete safe.”
None of the deicing products mentioned are great for the environment so use them sparingly.  Too much of any of these products can cause damage to turf, plants, and the aquatic environments the runoff eventually ends up in. Use them sparingly!