Stormwater Management When A Swale Isn’t Enough


For years, our client has been living with a drainage swale in their backyard to help with stormwater management. Before the adjacent house was built a few years back, the swale was dry for a good portion of the year. However, with the new house causing increased runoff, and the heavy rains we’ve had so far this year, it had turned into a constant flowing stream that at times turned into a river.

Not only were our clients steadily losing yard space, but their dogs were always coming in covered in mud. Unfortunately, work like this can’t be completed in a snap. Garrett Churchill had to work closely with the neighbors – and the Township – to get the job done.

Once the designs were complete, our work was submitted to the Township for approval. Since the solution required the neighbor to extend a pipe in his yard into the property line, we needed this approval to proceed.

Once we got the all-clear, we tied a 15″ perforated pipe and installed approximately 60 tons of crushed stone around the pipe. The stone was wrapped in geotextile fabric, and then covered with 100 yards of topsoil. Seed and erosion control mat finished the project, gaining our clients another 20-30 feet of useable property and eliminating the stream they had been living with for years.

Let Garrett Churchill take a look at the problem areas in your yard and help come up with the perfect design to maximize space and attractiveness in your landscape!

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