Conshohocken patio and grill island

new patio

This job was in the details.  We completed this project this past summer, yes it’s February and I finally got a few pictures of the finished project, after a planning process that started the year before.  We worked with our client going back and forth on materials and finessing the final design until the final pallet of pavers, wall block, and steps were selected.
The back yard is not all that large, so we had to develop a plan that met the client’s expectations while not overwhelming the space.  We were contacted after another company had begun the process with our client.  They just were not sold on the other proposal. We stated with their plan and started asking questions to make sure this is what the desired result was.  There were a few things that were changed to make for a more functional space.  We enlarged the grill island to create more counter space which was lacking in the previous design.  The other issue that the other designer did not address, was the sloping back yard.
In order to deal with the slope, we added steps from the patio to the lawn. To make up one foot of grade change.   I guess we could have graded it but that would have made the back-yard slope steeper than it already is and made walking off the patio to the lawn a little precarious.
Products selected were all from techo bloc.  We utilized travertina and borealis wall block for the sitting wall and grill island.  The steps are borealis and the pavers are travertina raw 20”x30” slabs and antika.
All these products are heavy, so we utilized our suction equipment to set a lot of them. Our crew was able to be more productive since they didn’t have to bend over and they were not pinching their fingers while setting the large slabs.
New plantings around the edge of the patio finished the project off. We planted skip laurels behind the seating wall and grill island to soften the fence, a crape myrtle for eventual shade and summer color, and perennials and grasses for seasonal color.
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