Christmas Landscaping To Make Your Season Bright!

Decorated Walkway

Do you enjoy driving through the neighborhood this time of year? No matter what’s going on, there’s something peaceful about the holidays looking to see what new lights people put up. Some people go all out decorating every single part of the house, some stick to themes, while others enjoy a more classic design. Outdoor lighting is already an extremely convenient and safe addition for your home, but for this holiday season, it’s time to spice it up a little bit. Here are some ways to decorate your landscape to make the season a little brighter!

  • Change Out The Bulbs: If you have access to them, changing out the lightbulbs for green and red ones is a simple, but very effective way to decorate for the season. This is great if you want to keep it minimal or a more classic look. At the end of the holidays, all you have to do is replace the bulbs with the original ones.
  • Outdoor Christmas Trees: Small trees and shrubs are a wonderful addition to any landscape. It can help shape the area and give a unique spin on the design. It also gives your outdoor Christmas trees all year round! Decorate them with your favorite outdoor light. Stick to the traditional white or mix it up with whatever colors you want.

    • Bonus Tip: This can also be for large trees too! The trunk is usually the biggest focal point, but you can decorate the branches as well. Be careful if you’re going to climb the tree and always do it with at least one other person.
  • Walkways Starlight: If you want to light up the walkway it another great way of getting festive for the holiday season. You can get a variety of styles from twinkling lights that resemble snowballs, stars, mini trees, and many more. This looks wonderful not just along walkways, but driveways as well!

Outdoor lighting has proven to be extremely helpful in several ways whether it’s safety, visual appeal, etc. If your outdoor space is looking a little dark, contact us today!